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Finance and 



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A very serious cryptocurrency that will DOMINATE  

the universe and destroy absolutely everything in it's way.


BUTT is powered by the Fantom blockchain with
transaction speeds under 1 second &
transaction fees costing less than $0.01

Buttcoin & Fantom are good for the planet using
30 million times less energy per transaction than Ethereum
and 300 million times less than crummy old Bitcoin



 Butt holders enjoy a great life Butt Farming

where one can use their BUTT to earn special SHIT coins.

It's possible to farm your SHIT to earn even more of it, or you're free
to simply use shit as currency. Get the kids involved too, they love it!

* more SHIT use cases are in development...

Buttcoin is more than money, it's a lifestyle and a story, wait and see...
(top secret shit announcement mid-august on that topic)

totem big transparent_edited_edited.png

coming soon

Buttenomics &
the future of SHIT

Buttcoin total supply: 21,000,000
BUTT is not inflationary or deflationary, there will always be 21 million BUTT.
Buttcoin contract: 0xF42cc7284389fBf749590f26539002ca931323D0
Developer wallet: 0x062A1D417FdCe53fcC36FF8faaD7d4d95904bdb3

11,000,000 BUTT was sold for 10,000 FTM in a fair pre-sale with 100% of funds used for liquidity which has been locked for 2 months, this will be re-locked for 2 months ongoing. The only reason we aren't burning it forever is just in case we want to move LP one day to a different DEX.
CLICK HERE for pre-sale info!

SHIT total supply: 66,952 (and rising) 

SHIT is our farming token earned from farming BUTT with an infinite supply.
10% of SHIT in existence goes to the dev wallet to be burnt.

26,584 or 40% of SHIT has been BURNT (07/23/21) Extra SHIT is burnt whenever possible.

SHIT contract: 0x65414a8581a7571531ea2bcdcba8a3f0c1a1554b
MasterSHIT contract: 0x0b8782fa6f3bBE1a0d2569C8E306e33eD0D38735

CLICK HERE for shit-burning proof!

We strive to keep the price of SHIT healthy, for the welfare of BUTT farmers and their families out there. We will combat SHIT inflation by forming more use cases such as new farming partnerships and in much more exciting ways that in conjunction with our TOP SECRET SHIT announcement in mid-August.

We will be releasing some weird shit never seen before in crypto and are in touch with various sources and media outlets to assist in distribution as

content is  being released to the public over the remainder of the year...